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Soon only the millionaires will be able to afford pets. Veterinary services are becoming a monopoly. 

This company was buying up all the successful hospitals in the country. And now they have been bought out by Mars Corp.!  Yes, they invest in expensive, state of the art equipment, etc. but the prices also skyrocket! Soon the common USA citizen will not be able to afford any vet care and pets will suffer.

                      Their philosophy and practices in their hospitals are inhumane, IMHO!

VCA Statistics:

VCA is made up of four divisions:

VCA Animal Hospitals
• 4,000-plus veterinarians
• 20,000-plus employees
• $1.7 billion in revenue in 2015
• 796 animal hospitals (712 in the U.S.; 84 in Canada)

Antech Diagnostics
• 1,500 employees
• $394 million in revenue in 2015
• 60 laboratories
• 17,000 animal hospitals serviced
• 13 million requisitions processed per year

Sound Technologies
• Manufacturer of digital radiography and ultrasonography equipment
• 150 employees
• 7,500 animal hospitals serviced

Camp Bow Wow
• Provider of doggie daycare, boarding, training and in-home pet care
• 250 employees
• 137 camps

Source: VCA fact sheet

Name/TitleTotal Cash Compensation  2016

Robert L. Antin   $3,815,363

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Arthur J. Antin     $1,354,938

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Neil Tauber  $927,063

Senior Vice President of Development

Tomas W. Fuller    $927,063  

Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and Secretary


Josh Drake      $713,922

President, Antech Diagnostics


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