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Banfield Pet Hospitals

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Some trivia before getting serious:  Can you fill in the blanks? If so, email them to us and we will thank you for looking at this website! (Try not to Google it first)

           Banfield is owned by the.............. company that also owns a popular candy              bar called..............  that is named after a ...............  


Banfield, which operates mainly out of PetSmart stores, are franchise hospitals although some are corporate owned.  (Corporate is in the process of buying many franchises back.)  Banfield hospitals may have very high vet turnaround and you  and your pet may not get used to the same doctor. Their services are limited and many of their clients are referred to costly specialty hospitals when  mom and pop or mid size practices could do the work at a fraction the cost. 


Banfield hospitals tend to over vaccinate.  (See our link about safe vaccine protocol) Sadly, many private hospitals do, also.

You should start the distemper/parvo vaccine at 8-10 weeks old. Parvo is a very contagious and deadly disease and you run a high risk of your puppy contracting it if you wait until 12 weeks old as some people may suggest. Most other vaccines are unnecessary unless you live in an area where the particular disease is endemic.


Rabies vaccine.....well, it's the law!


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