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Send us a copy of your vet bill as an email attachment and we will post it (without your name or the name of the hospital, unless we have your specific permission in writing). 


We will categories the bills/estimates according to 'Problem.'  You will get an idea of the variances in cost for the same proceedure and outcome from different types hospiatls.  IE:  emergency, local general practice, Corporate owned chains. You may find it enlightening. 






We believe that all hospitals (and we use this word generically) should offer clients in financial need  a 'Plan A,' 'Plan B,' and even a 'Plan C.'   MOST DO NOT! Also if you are in need, ask if the hospital has a special fund to help hardship cases, many do. I.E. Hospitals that are AAHA certified can draw from AAHA Charitable fund. or know of groups that will help.   Most hospitals will say they DON"T know of any help.....but they do! and if they truly DON"T, they should get get educated.....

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