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FOOD! What is best?  Wet? Dry? Raw? Home-cooked? Every manufacturer says 'never change a pets' food if it agrees with him or her." You know why? Because then they are asssured of a good customer for the next 12-15 years!

A healthy dog can eat any kind of balanced diet. Changes shouild not affect their stomach. My dogs never know what to expect for their next meal!  I woiuld give all raw, except my Mastiff would cost me a fortune so he does get a good quality, grain free kibble as well. If your pet has digestive issues....well, then you need to consult with a vet or nutritionist.


Dr. Jean Dodds is a world reknowned veterinary immunologist. This link connects you to her recommended vaccine protocols for dogs and cats.

Dogs know best!

Variety, but in these ratios.

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