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A lot of people do not understand about wellness plans. It is a prepaid services plan, NOT insurance. One reason people don't understand it is because the 'seller' does not want you to understand, or you will not buy into it! Again, you are pre-paying for too many unnecessary vaccines. On your receipt it says how much you have "saved" on their wellness plans, but included is a $300 comprehensive exam that is basically a glorified normal physical exam with vaccines, so a lot of little lies and things like that are included in the price. Plus....and I have not verified this yet (I will, I promise) I understand they are not transferable or CANCELLABLE even if the pet dies!!!!!  One of the well known Vet Hospital franchises really promotes Wellness Plans and so do a few other chains and private practices.

Wellness Plans

Pet Insurance

There are many companies that sell pet insurance, some better than others. I have never really looked into any. However, with the high cost of pet health care these days, it probably isn't a bad idea....if you get a plan that is good for you and your situation. Buyer beware!

Self Insure

Thisi is what I recommend.   AND I realize most people do not have the self discipline. It is not a matter of rich or poor. ANYONE that cannot afford to self insure, should not take on a new pet. At least not a young one...Adopt an older, healthy animal who needs a home, has already had shots, been spayed, etc. etc.  etc.. Most pets live long, healthy lives free of crises, yet you MUST BE PREPARED for that one true emergency.


How to self insure: As soon as you get a pet, open a special bank account to be used only for a pet emergency. Every month put in AT LEAST $50 which is the minimum you you probably pay for an insurance plan. At the end of a year you have $600 and at the end of 5 years, you have $3000 in case of emergency. Hopefully you will never need this money and when you pet passes on at age 13 or so, you will have $8000 for your next pet!



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