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Many of the postings will have to do with medical problems of dogs and cats belonging to people in financial need. So many animals (and their owners) suffer because of the exorbitant price of veterinary care nationwide in the USA. We, at SPA, hope to shed some light on this subject.

Why Zebras? Expect the unexpected from Pets and  Vets!  The saying goes: if you hear pounding hooves running up behind you, it is probably horses.....but be open to the fact that they may be Zebras.  Have an open mind, an open heart,  be wise, aware and informed.

Topics covered....and more as I think of them.

Veterinary medicine: it's history, where it is and where it is going. How is this affecting pet ownership in the USA.

Good old farm vets!

My favorites and why.

Pet insurance vs. pet wellness plans. Are they worth the money?

Vaccines: are they necessary?

Pet owners: are they consumers or victims of veterinary services.

"Diagnostics" Why I hate them


My take on specialists.

We will be attaching links to several websites that we think are fabulous  (or close to it!) By doing this, We are saving ourselves years of doing research for facts...although a lot of what you read may just be their viewpoint. We don't agree with everyone 100%, but if the info to be gained FAR outweighs the opposite, we are putting it out to you to evaluate on your own.

'Pets and Vets' presents SPA  (Sensible Pet Advice)

Contributors to this website are people who have worked in shelters, rescues, and with animals for many years. Through years of experience, we have acquired some technical knowledge, and even more important, ..common sense and practical information about what may and may not be necessary for the good health of your pet. AND we know when people are being 'ripped off' by the very people they turn to for help or to even save the lives of their beloved pets. We hear of too many animals dying solely for lack of money, ...yet is the amount charged unreasonable?  We know what prices are a bargain, good, reasonable and exorbitant. We hope this site will help enable you to be a better advocate for yourself (i.e. finances) and your pet (i.e. his life). Maybe we will even motivate you to seek legislation beneficial to pet owners and to remove obsolete regulations from your local "books" 

              Give your pets big kisses from all of us at SPA....we care about ALL animals, not just our own!

Where is the balance?

This site leaves out the bull.......

                  The person behind this site 

                               (Ms. SPA)


I have always had a passion for animals and love helping them.  I want each and every furry and feathered critter to lead healthy, safe, loving lives. Me.... I enjoy solitude, nature and art. I go for long dog walks and work out at the 'Y" a few times a week.

              and more about me.....

I am not a vet, never even really wanted to be one. And I would never have survived as a veterinary practitioner. I'd be screaming and yelling at clients about how they are killing their pets with so called 'kindness'  (feeding too much, excusing aggressive behavior, etc.) I'd be giving away services for free and since a lot of people wouldn't 'love me' because of my bedside manner, I'd probably be out of business in a flash.  I love all animals and I want to see them all healthy and happy. I love pet owners, too, at least a lot of them. My heart goes out to those pet owners who are responsible, yet may find they cannot afford to the vet care their dog or cat (or rabbit or even a rat) may need.  This website is to help people by sharing some facts about the veterinary profession. Hopefully it will help their pets also.

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